Below is an archive of “Benefit Insights,” our firm newsletter:

November 2022: Cost of Living Adjustments for 2023

August 2022: Form 5500 Insights

May 2022: Timing of Deposits 401(k)/403(b) Deferrals and Loan Repayments

February 2022: An Ideal Time to Review Plan Design

November 2021: Save More for Retirement in 2022

August 2021: Missing Participants: Ready or Not Here I Come!

February 2021: The MEP/PEP Debate: Are We Better Together?

November 2020: Cost of Living Adjustments for 2021

July 2020: Electronic Delivery Could Save Billions

April 2020: Understanding the CARES Act

February 2020: How the SECURE Act is Changing Retirement

November 2019: IRS Announces Limits for 2020

May 2019: Automatic Enrollment is on the Rise

February 2019: It's Testing Season!

November 2018: Hardships Get a Little Easer

May 2018: Who is an Employee/HSA vs 401(k)

January 2018: Navigating Distributions & Under the New Tax Law

December 2017: End of the Year Checklist/iWork: The Next-Gen Workforce

April 2017: Benefit Communications in an Electronic World

February 2017: Dealing with Uncashed Distribution Checks and Missing Participants

December 2016: Rules and Taxation of 401(k) Plan Distributions

October 2016: Keeping Abreast of Plan Loan Rules

June 2016: Fun with Forfeitures

April 2016: A Fresh Look at Your Form 5500 Filing

February 2016: Part-Time Employees in 401(k) Plans

December 2015: Determining Retirement Plan Compensation

August 2015: The IRS is Back with Some Brand New Corrections

July 2015: The Right Combination for Your Retirement Plan

April 2015: Automatic Enrollment for 401(k) Plans

February 2015: Timing is Everything

December 2014: Year-End Compliance Testing Overview

October 2014: Hardship Distributions From 401(K) Plans

August 2014: The Ultimate Plan Sponsor Checklist

June 2014: The Ready or Not, Here it Comes...the PPA Plan Restatement.

Apr. 2014: The Continuing Evolution of the Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan.

Feb. 2014: Boomerang Employees: Rehires and Retirement Plans.

Dec. 2013: Down with DOMA.

Oct. 2013: How Do You Spell Relief? E-P-C-R-S.

Aug. 2013: Cross-Testing: The Right Tool for Many Jobs

June 2013: Under Control or Out of Control

April 2013: When Good Loans Go Bad

Feb. 2013: Missing Participants and Small Balances

Dec. 2012: The IRS Meets Letterman

Oct. 2012: How to Survive a Visit from the IRS or DOL

Aug . 2012: Top Heavy Impact on 401(k) Plans

Jun. 2012: Fiduciary Fact or Fiction

Feb. 2012: At Your Service

Dec. 2011: Increasing 401(k) Plan Participation

Oct. 2011: Participant Fee Disclosure Requirements for Individual Account Plans

Aug. 2011: Should They Stay or Should They Go: Dealing with Terminated Participants

Jun. 2011: Fiduciary Liability for Participant-Directed Plans

Apr. 2011: Don’t let the QDRO be Worse than the Marriage

Feb. 2011: Do You Know Who Your Employees Are?

Jan. 2011: Cash Balance Plans 101

Dec. 2010: Plan Year-End “To Do” List

Oct. 2010: Record Retention

Aug. 2010: Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Offers Many Advantages

Jun. 2010: Roth 401(k) FAQs

Apr. 2010: When Should the Check be in the Mail?

Feb. 2010: Participants are on a Need to Know Basis...and They Need to Know

Dec. 2009: Mandatory Electronic Filing Applies to Form 5500 Soon!

Nov. 2009: Coping with the Impact of the Pension Protection Act

Oct. 2009: Voluntary Corrections for Qualified Plans

Aug. 2009: Plan Distributions Are on the Rise

Jun. 2009: ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities

Apr. 2009: Layoffs Can Result in a Partial Plan Termination Requiring 100% Vesting

Feb. 2009: Payment Options for Plan Expenses

Dec. 2008: The Hidden Pension Trap—The Aggregation Rules

Oct. 2008: Timely Deposit of Plan Contributions

Aug. 2008: EGTRRA Restatements... The time has come

Jun. 2008: Solving 401(k) Testing Problems With New Design Options

Apr. 2008: Top Heavy Rules May Impact Plan Design

Mar. 2008: The Impact of the Pension Protection Act on Defined Benefit Plans

Feb. 2008: Understanding 401(k) ADP and ACP Testing

Dec. 2007: Default Investment Rules Facilitate Auto Enrollment

Oct. 2007: Compensation: Definitions and Applications

Aug. 2007: Keeping Abreast of Plan Limitations

Jun. 2007: Keeping Up To Date With Form 5500 Requirements

Apr. 2007: The Prudent 401(k) Fiduciary

Feb. 2007: Plan Compliance Update for 2007

Dec. 2006: Participant Cruise Control: Automatic Enrollment

Oct. 2006: Pension Protection Act of 2006 Reinforces Private Pension System

Aug. 2006: Retirement Plan Coverage for Part-Time Employees

June 2006: Hardship Distributions Provide Valuable Option

Apr. 2006: Military Leave Rules for Retirement Plans

Feb. 2006: Responsibilities of a Plan Sponsor

Dec. 2005: A Primer on Qualified Plan Document Maintenance

Oct. 2005: The Plain Truth About “Simple” Retirement Plans

Aug. 2005: New Retirement Plan Option Coming in 2006: The Roth 401(k)!

Apr. 2005: Guide to Distributions From 401(k) Plans

Oct. 2004: Participant-Directed Account Liability

June 2004: Dividing Retirement Benefits in Divorce

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